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  • Customized YouTube Channels
  • Marketing via Twitter
  • Advertising on LinkedIn
  • Accounts creation on popular social media websites
  • Updating content on social media websites
  • Creation of blogs and their updates

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Why social media marketing?

Social Media have changed the way people discover, connect, communicate and share information. But you have definitely heard that before, so let's talk about how to use it.

Let people know about you

First of all, tell your customers and potential customers about yourself and what you can offer them. Social networks can be an amazing way of raising public awareness of your brand.

Increase your sales

Give your customers such bargains, that they will share them with their friends and families. Great offers can spread like a virus.

Offer excellent customer service

Listen to your customers and what they say about you. You can offer them great feedback via social networks.

Build relationships

Use social networks for building stronger relationships, so your customers can get to know you better, like you better and trust you better. Since social media is mostly about exploring and sharing interesting information, every interaction via social media has potencial to attract new people.

How we can help you?

All social networks have their own rules and therefore it is necessary to learn how they work and how people use them. At Plat4M we exactly know how to use social media. Our goal and passion as well, is to find the right target group, understand it's needs and choose the right strategy, in order to get them closer to your brand. We will help you to create lasting relationships with your customers via dialogs, interaction and valuable content. Either it will be a Facebook advert, a design of your Facebook page, Twitter Marketing or an customized YouTube channel - you have come to the right place.

Who trusted us?

We had the honour to help small and big companies in their digital presentation. Here are some of them:

We love what we do.