Our end 2 end service integration & tech support

  • Additional Wi-Fi Capibilty as ADD ON
  • Web control panel for media upload
  • Change content & rank order on the fly
  • Support for all types of multimedia formats
  • ** Built-in Coupon/Lottary Wizard

Contact Information

Team DLive

  • +91 81008 26172
  • 6/30, C.R.C, Flat-6, 2nd floor, Jadavpur
  • kolkata - 700032

Ultimate Digital Hotspot :: Visual Kinetics + Bluetooth + Wi-Fi

Deltaweb® Alpha VS includes all the benefits, functions, features and configurations of the Deltaweb® Bluetooth Hotspot plus the powerful cutting edge Kinetic Technology. The Kinetic Technology (Motion Control) feature allows end users with a non-touch gesture of their hand to turn pages of content, zoom in and out on product images, read essential information, and see videos with or without audio. Move text, images and videos on a TV without touch, only with the gesture of your hands.

  • Provide controller free brand engagement
  • 3D Censor monitors Body Gesture
  • NXT Level Dgital Branding Technology
  • Device runs on INTEL Atom Processor
  • HDMI Display via ION NVDIA Chipset
  • Output in Full HD 1080p (1920×1080)

What To Send To Customers ?

  • TV Commercial Videos
  • Digital Product Catalogue
  • Instant Discount Coupon Codes
  • Wallpaper/Ringtones/Screensavers
  • Product Demonstration Video
  • Exchange/Upgrade Offers
  • Upcoming Product Snapshots
  • Brand Market Share Statistics
  • 3GP + MP4 Video
  • JPG Picture
  • GIF + Animated GIFs
  • Mobile Barcode

Brands Promoted

We had the honour to help small and big companies in their digital presentation. Here are some of them: